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Jay Lifton is a composer based in NYC
His latest score for Marc Meyers’
world premiered at the 2015
Los Angeles Film Festival, and had its east coast premiere at The 16th annual Woodstock Film Festival
It stars Amy Hargreaves
(Homeland) and Matt McGorry (Orange is the New Black, How to Get Away With Murder)

Jay is currently scoring the documentary IT TOOK 50 YEARS, the story of how Frances Goldin stopped Robert Moses from destroying New York’s East Village.

He also just recently completed a project with composer Ryan Miller on LAND GRAB, a documentary about an urban farming project in Detroit, directed by Sean O’Grady

Jay is also the composer of the
IBM “Watson and Me” theme, seen in spots starring Bob Dylan, Carrie Fisher, Sir Ridley Scott, and many others.

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HOW HE FELL IN LOVE at the LA Film Fest

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Q & A at the LA Film Fest

Land Grab (2016)

IBM Watson + Me

It Took 50 Years (2016)

TEST (2014)

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